A brief story: A meal at Pizza Express

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Miscellaneous
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Here is a brief story with your favourite person (me) in:
A meal at Pizza Express:


I was feeling hungry, and decided to treat myself by going out to Pizza Express with a group of humans.

Trying to enter

All of the humans went in first, and I was left, strugglung with the heavy revolving doors. I’m afraid I just wasn’t strong enough. 😦

Plan B

I eventually found another way to get past the doors…


…and arrived a long time after everyone else.


Starters came, and I dug in.


I ate a pizza


And two drinks, but was still hungry!

What's next on the menu?

“What’s next on the menu?” I asked politely.


“YOU ARE!” said a human.


“WAIT!” I cried. “We haven’t had icecream sundae!”


“Now I’m full,” I said. And the humans were too! 😀

– What an eventful day.

  1. Face says:

    so cute! 😀

    Thank goodness for the sundae.

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