I went away last weekend, to Essex, along with a group of Guides (all girls). It was slightly awkward, me being male… 😦

It was quite cool. We got to fly in planes! YAY!

By the plane

Looking out the window

As enjoyable as it was, I was glad when it was finally over, because I am not used to flying and get very travel sick. 😦

Just hangin’


Sitting out

The Guides were allowed to do activities. I was too small and had no choice but to sit out… poor me…

Crate challenge

I did try to have a go at Crate challenge, where you have to stand on a load of crates and try not to fall off as more and more are added. However, falling off them was not the issue. Instead, I kept falling through them, so had to give up.


Climbing wall

Luckily, I could climb the climbing wall. I’m rather proud of myself! 😀


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