As promised, here are my pictures from the DofE bronze expedition. It was quite eventful.

Matt, Jabber and me

I went on DofE with Matt, Jabber and some other people. It was great at the beginning, because the weather wasn’t too bad and we hadn’t got lost at all.


But then we had a first load of mud, which we were holding on to bits of branches to try to stay out of. This didn’t work for all of us, and one of our group lost her shoe and ended up walking through the mud with only one shoe on.

The walk

Once we were past the mud, we continued onwards. It was such hard work. All of us were hoping that there would be less mud on the rest of the route.

More mud

But there was even more mud – much thicker mud.


The person stuck in the mud that time was so stuck that someone had to dig away the mud with their hands. When her shoe was finally pulled out from the mud, we couldn’t help but laugh.


We stopped to rest far more times than we needed to.


The walk was great fun. I even managed to have a conversation with a cow along the way.

Our tents

As soon as we arrived at the campsite, we dropped our bags and put up our tents.



We cooked in our trangia stove, a meal of couscous, onion and vegetarian sausages.


I shared my trangia cooker with Matt and Jabber, and we cooked alongside other members of our group.

The second day

The route on the second day wasn’t as long as the first (but it was still tiring)


It was just lucky that we had brought enough energy bars. They kept us going!


With my amazing navigating skills, my group didn’t get lost once.


Just before we finished our walk (five minutes before we had returned) it suddenly started raining heavily. We were so lucky on our walk, because it was due to be raining heavily through both days, and I felt really sorry for the groups who were left out there, still trying to finish their walk.

DofE was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who gets the chance.


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