So, on Monday, I went to see the Olympic flame along with so many other people. Finally the Olympic flame had reached Croydon, and I was able to see it!


I stood there in the crowd, finding it hard to see anything but the crowds of cheering people in front of me. We were all handed out big blue whacky-togethery-thingys, which made strange, metallic noises and had SAMSUNG written on them. There is nothing like a good bit of advertisement, but some children in the crowd were getting the wrong idea, and cheering, “Samsung! Samsung! Samsung!” (rather than looking out for the main attraction-the torch).


There was far too much advertisement. It’s such a shame that the Olympic games has to have sponsors.

More Advertisement

Olympic Torch

Finally, we saw the Olympic flame, and everyone pushed their way to the front of the crowd, to try to get their picture of the torch. The torchbearers changed right in front of us, which meant that we had longer to admire the torch.


As soon as the torch had gone past, the crowd dispersed and everyone ran to go to McDonalds. There were police everywhere, long after the flame had left.

What fun!


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