Looking through some photos, I found some from when I went to Fishbourne Roman Palace, with school. It was a nice place, so I will write about what I did.

Sitting down

Before we began looking around, we played a look at the object and guess where it came from type game. It was quite fun, although I was hopeless at it.


The game was fun, and I got to play about with the various pieces of broken pots.


Recreated was a Roman Kitchen. We learnt about what Roman houses were like.


Beautiful mosaics covered the floor,Β each so precise and very well made.


Some members of my class held me, against my will, over the edge of the barrier to take a photograph. Although it was uncomfortable at the time, I do quite like this picture. πŸ™‚

Block house

Part way through the day, I made myself a house of wooden blocks. I fitted inside perfectly!

Fishbourne Roman Palace was cool, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

  1. mac says:

    Long time, Cowie! Happy to see you’re knocking about and doing stuff.

    And congrats with all the Olympic medals! Mooooo πŸ˜€

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