Posted: August 9, 2012 in Social networking
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I really don’t understand Twitter…

I’ve never got on with it. I got myself an account, to try it out. The problem is that I never know what to write about. If I have something to write, I can blog about it. It’s much less confusing that way. Plus, I can never fit what I want to say into the 140 characters I have been given. 😦

I had forgotten about it completely and, going on it today, found that I have not been on it in a month.

Feel free to follow me! 🙂

  1. lauramomma27 says:

    I’ve always swayed to the Facebook side of things and really have no twitter account or was ever interested in one. Now that I’m blogging maybe I’ll have to change that at some point. Once someone said its really only good for celebrities to use? I always took it as a better tool for a smart phone, and since i don’t have one why bother.

    • lifeofcowie says:

      Yes. I definitely prefer Facebook to Twitter. Some friends of mine asked me to get it – so I did. However, with very few followers (and very few people I really want to follow) I find that it can get quite boring. It is also really annoying when the people you follow have thousands of followers, and you have only a few. 😦

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