Recently, I have realised how dirty I am …dirty cow…

Once I was so clean! Now I don’t resemble my younger self at all. I understand that it is normal to change over time, but I have gone from being a black-and-white cow, to black-and-grey. I find it quite embarrassing.

Bath Time!

So I took a bath.

In the bath

I can’t remember the last time I had a bath. I hate washing – It always seems so pointless to me. I knew that I had to take a bath, though, because I was stained with mud from DofE and there was a visible mark that showed where my clothes had been (I was much cleaner where my clothes had protected me from dirt).


The problem with baths is that my skin absorbs water. 😦 It is very uncomfortable… Although it was worth it because I am much cleaner now! 🙂

Hangin’ out

The worst bit was drying off, hanging from my tail on the washing line. Ouch. I gave up on this method of drying as it was too slow and painful.

So as I sit here typing with very soggy hooves on the keyboard, partially blogging, partially watching the Olympic Closing Ceremony, I fear that soon I will have to go into the airing cupboard to dry off for the night.



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