I travelled to Spain by plane. (that rhymed…)

The Lounge

I flew with British Airways, Club Class (something which I don’t usually do). It was lovely, because we got to hang around in the Lounge before the flight.


There, I could help myself to free toast!


And fruits!


And pastries (including small pain au chocolats, which were a perfect size for me)!


I even helped myself to some gin.


On the flight, I got a whole seat to myself, but the seatbelt could hardly fasten tight enough to hold me securely. I don’t think that the plane was built for passengers of my size.


It all went pretty smoothly, apart from the end of the flight, where I was determined to finish my bottle of champagne. To some, it might seem like a fairly small amount, but look at the bottle compared to me! I’m afraid to say that I got a bit carried away and became terribly drunk. I was planning on writing this post earlier, but couldn’t face it. I had a terrible hangover for a long time afterwards and still don’t see how I managed to drink a whole bottle of champagne on my own.


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