At long last, Transit Of Venus, the album by Three Days Grace, is out.

Released on 2nd October 2012, and after waiting for several months, I could finally listen to it. I’m glad to say that it was worth the wait. Three Days grace have been my favourite band for quite a long time now, and this album is equally epic to all their others. My personal favourite song from it at the moment is High Road. I love the way Adam Gontier (the lead singer) puts a lot of emotion into his songs – this song especially. 😀

The tracks are as follows:

  1. Sign Of The Times
  2. Chalk Outline
  3. The High Road
  4. Operate
  5. Anonymous
  6. Misery Loves My Company
  7. Give In To Me
  8. Happiness
  9. Give Me A Reason
  10. Time That Remains
  11. Expectations
  12. Broken Glass
  13.  Unbreakable Heart

Three Days Grace – Transit Of Venus

See above the Transit of Venus album cover (please note that the actual cover does not have me displayed at the top, although that would be a cool addition to it). 🙂



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