The success of the Life Of Cowie magazine

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Homework, Miscellaneous
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I was set a very complicated, time consuming piece of PSHEe homework as part of the ASDAN Qualification. I had to create a magazine, advertise it, raise money to print it and sell a few copies (all in two weeks)

So I chose to make the Life Of Cowie magazine!

The magazine

As I had already designed the front cover from a previous piece of homework, I just changed what the text said and started with the content. Inside the magazine, I wrote about myself, some of the places I’ve gone on holiday, drawing competition, design-me-a-tshirt page and a story about being bullied.

The magazine was surprisingly successful. People came to the school library to get my autograph and people were also very interested in buying a copy or finding out more about me. Of course there were some people who said that I was “weird” and “stupid” but I’m sure that they were just jealous of all the attention I was getting.

Here is the first issue of the first ever Life Of Cowie magazine!

I think I might make another Life Of Cowie magazine, some time soonish

  1. Could you upload the magazine in here?

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