Today, I went to a local library to meet Sam Osman, author of Quicksilver and Serpent’s Gold, as I had heard that she was running a creative writing session.

I joined a group of people, and Sam Osman spoke about her books, inspiration for writing, researching and how to make an interesting storyline/piece of writing.

Throughout this session, we worked on creating a story when given a story starter. In our group, we helped to give each other ideas and took our stories in different directions depending on how we wanted to write them. Each of us read out our sections in turn, and then gave each other feedback. It was great fun – I love writing.

Sam Osman

I had a short chat with Sam Osman at the end, and got a picture with her. Yay!


Also, we were handed out stickers and bookmarks. I love wearing my sticker, and Sam Osman signed my bookmark. 😀

I had a great day and plan on reading Sam Osman’s books when I get the chance.


  1. Sam Osmna says:

    Hi Cowie, I enjoyed meeting you too! Sam Osman

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