I love the snow. It’s so… cold!?! That wasn’t a very original way to describe it.

I decided to go outside to get a closer look at it (I usually just look at it from inside the house. I’m not a massive fan of the cold).


Unfortunately it was surprisingly thick and I found myself trapped in the cold, unable to escape – even my coat couldn’t keep me warm.


The snow was c-c-c-cold. Even colder than I’d imagined.


When I finally managed so sit up and free my body from the snow, I was shaking.

Snow angel

I decided to make a snow angel. It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to do.

Snow hat

It didn’t really work and I ended up with some form of a snow-hat.


And for quite a long time after that, even when I’d gone inside and dried off, I had a massive brain-freeze.

That sounded quite negative. Don’t get me wrong. Snow is great fun, but I’ll have to make sure I wrap up warmer if I go out in it again.


  1. Face says:

    I am SO jealous of you right now. That coat is to die for!

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