Before I went away to Turkey (the day before I left) I was luckily enough to come along to see The Now Show being recorded at RADA Studios, London. It’s becoming quite a regular thing, going to BBC Radio recordings!

This Recording was for Series 39, Show 7


I was accompanied by some older people (I’m not old enough to go in on my own) and I queued by the door for quite a long time so that I was one of the first people in the room and could therefore get a good seat. I sat right at the front.

Waiting for it to start

Look, there I am, waiting for it to start and getting all excited. 😀

Hugh Dennis and Marcus Brigstocke

I took a few pictures during the recording. The one above is of Hugh Dennis and Marcus Brigstocke.

Hugh Dennis

I’m also quite proud of this picture, because my camera wasn’t focusing very well, but I think this one turned out ok.

Mitch Benn

This is Mitch Benn, playing the guitar and singing 🙂

Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt

Laura Shavin, Jon Holmes and Hugh Dennis.

Although I didn’t get any pictures with them (and I really wish I’d asked whilst I was there) I did get some autographs, which is rather cool.

As I hung around at the end whilst it was being cleared up, I was given Mitch Benn’s script by someone who was working there. Well, it wasn’t me exactly who got it, because technically it was a friend of mine, as I was too small to be noticed, but I share it with them.

I’d originally been given Marcus Brigstocke’s script, but gave it to a mate of mine who likes Marcus Brigstocke. I’m so kind. Also, someone else from our group got Hugh Dennis’ script. How lucky!

Well, I can conclude that that was a brilliant day. BRILLIANT!



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