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I have previously overcome my fear of swimming in deep water – I used to find it terrifying because a little toy cow like me can easily fill with water, sink and drown. But I, at one point, mastered swimming and feared it no longer. Nevertheless, when I came on this holiday, got into my swimming trunks and went to dive in, I found that my old fears had returned and I didn’t want to touch the water.

I went into town and purchased a lilo, mini swimming pool, armbands and rubber ring. As I returned to the pool, I found that I feared the water less – these would let me float.

Unfortunately, even with the armbands on, I could not bring myself to swim.

Paddling Pool
But I went on the pool in the paddling pool. It felt more secure and floated well on the water. I feel proud of myself for getting so close to the water.

I’ll try again tomorrow to go swimming properly. It’s strange how things like this can change in a year. Last year, I used my inflatable raft but could also swim without it.



In my spare time, there is nothing I like better than to surf the internet. I was pleasantly surprised when I searched, ‘toy cow‘ into the Google Image search, and whilst scrolling through images, I saw myself! 🙂 That made me very happy.

I know that the order of the images that appear will vary on different devices, but I also went on other computers and iPods, and there I was. There was only the one picture fairly near the top, but y’know, it’s a start, and I’m actually quite proud of it.


Google Image Search

There I am, right at the bottom of this picture (I’ve put a box around it to make it clearer).

Isn’t that thrilling!?!


People often tell me how delicious Haribos are, and I have to simply take their word for it, because I am a vegetarian and therefore cannot eat sweets containing gelatine. However, in London a few weeks ago, I found some delicious vegetarian (and some even vegan) sweets similar to Haribos, and bought them.


They are shaped like cola bottles, dinosaurs, bears and snakes. And no animals are used in the making of these sweets. How cool!?!  know that other places do vegetarian sweets like these, but these are so cool! I was going to take a picture of me eating them once they were outside of the bag, but I accidentally ate them all (yes, all four packets) 🙂

And they’re also cool because they’re organic. Oh, how I love organic products! I gave someone who likes Haribos one to try, and they said that these are really nice and just like Haribos. So I’ve come to the conclusion that if I ate meat, I’d like Haribos.

More sweets are becoming vegetarian nowadays. Even some Haribos are. I’ll have to try some of them at some point. 😀

Sorry I haven’t blogged in ages. I’m gonna start blogging again for a bit. I just came back from a trip to Turkey, so will do some blog posts about that at some point. I also want to write about MI High. MI High is cool.

Bye, Cowie

Hello. Long time, no blogpost.

FINALLY I have broken up from school for half term, lasting a week (a week filled with lots of homework).

I have decided to take some time off from the long hours of homework, and want to write about one of the books which I find most amusing and have always loved: The Teeny Tiny Woman.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, you haven’t lived. 🙂
It was very upsetting for me when I tried to find my copy of the story earlier today, and then found that I couldn’t find it. 😦 But luckily, I have managed to find the story online, and although it isn’t as good as having the book, it’ll do for the moment.

Below, I have copied out the story from here, so do enjoy reading it!


Once upon a time there was a teeny-tiny woman who lived in a teeny-tiny house in a teeny-tiny village. Now, one day this teeny-tiny woman put on her teeny-tiny bonnet, and went out of her teeny-tiny house to take a teeny-tiny walk. And when this teeny-tiny woman had gone a teeny-tiny way, she came to a teeny-tiny gate; so the teeny-tiny woman opened the teeny-tiny gate, and went into a teeny-tiny churchyard. And when this teeny-tiny woman had got into the teeny-tiny churchyard, she saw a teeny-tiny bone on a teeny-tiny grave, and the teeny-tiny woman said to her teeny-tiny self, “This teeny-tiny bone will make me some teeny-tiny soup for my teeny-tiny supper.” So the teeny-tiny woman put the teeny-tiny bone into her teeny-tiny pocket, and went home to her teeny-tiny house.

Now when the teeny-tiny woman got home to her teeny-tiny house, she was a teeny-tiny bit tired; so she went up her teeny-tiny stairs to her teeny-tiny bed, and put the teeny-tiny bone into a teeny-tiny cupboard. And when this teeny-tiny woman had been to sleep a teeny-tiny time, she was awakened by a teeny-tiny voice from the teeny-tiny cupboard, which said:

“Give me my bone!”

And this teeny-tiny woman was a teeny-tiny frightened, so she hid her teeny-tiny head under the teeny-tiny clothes and went to sleep again. And when she had been to sleep again a teeny-tiny time, the teeny-tiny voice again cried out from the teeny-tiny cupboard a teeny-tiny louder,

“Give me my bone!”

This made the teeny-tiny woman a teeny-tiny more frightened, so she hid her teeny-tiny head a teeny-tiny further under the teeny-tiny clothes. And when the teeny-tiny woman had been to sleep again a teeny-tiny time, the teeny-tiny voice from the teeny-tiny cupboard said again a teeny-tiny louder,

“Give me my bone!”

And this teeny-tiny woman was a teeny-tiny bit more frightened, but she put her teenty-tiny head out of the teeny-tiny clothes, and said in her loudest teeny-tiny voice, “TAKE IT!

“Give me my bone!”


This story has always made me laugh, as it is such a pointless and humorous story, and the “TAKE IT!” at the end just finishes it off so cleverly, going against the rest of the “teeny tiny” character of the Teeny tiny woman. The reader doesn’t expect the Teeny tiny woman to react in such a way, and even after reading it many times, it is still such an amusing book.


I love reading, so recently I have been writing down lines from books that amuse me and are worth remembering.

So far, I have on my list:

~Agatha Christie, The mysterious affair at Styles

‘”To speak or not to speak,” as your so great Shakespeare says, “that is the question”.’
I did not trouble to correct the quotation.

~J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

~Meg Rosoff, Just in Case

Justin stared. ‘My dog is imaginary.’
‘Oh.’ Peter looked interested. ‘That’s unusual.’

~Agatha Christie, Peril at End House

‘You are the type of man who invests in doubtful oil fields, and non-existent gold mines. From hundreds like you, the swindler makes his daily bread.’

Among others

I know that if I don’t write them down, I’ll never remember them. 😀
It’s all jolly good fun!


Now, as much as I hate water, there is something truly exciting about swimming pools.

By the pool

To start with, I simply watched the reflections in the water, on a deck chair at the side of the pool. (what a cool towel I have).

At the edge of the pool

Then I decided to have a closer look.

Inflatable raft

Wanting to have an EVEN closer look, I found an inflatable raft, recommended for ages 3-6, so as I’m five years old, it was perfect for me!

Riding the inflatable raft

I skilfully guided it around the pool, without getting at all wet. (I don’t like getting wet, as you may have noticed from my earlier post, ‘Bath time!’ 😀

Looking at the water

Looking through the clear section of my raft, I got a great view of the water below. Lovely! Very comfortable it was too!

Looking through some photos, I found some from when I went to Fishbourne Roman Palace, with school. It was a nice place, so I will write about what I did.

Sitting down

Before we began looking around, we played a look at the object and guess where it came from type game. It was quite fun, although I was hopeless at it.


The game was fun, and I got to play about with the various pieces of broken pots.


Recreated was a Roman Kitchen. We learnt about what Roman houses were like.


Beautiful mosaics covered the floor, each so precise and very well made.


Some members of my class held me, against my will, over the edge of the barrier to take a photograph. Although it was uncomfortable at the time, I do quite like this picture. 🙂

Block house

Part way through the day, I made myself a house of wooden blocks. I fitted inside perfectly!

Fishbourne Roman Palace was cool, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.