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WordPress has brought it to my attention that I started this blog just over a year ago, and so I am very happy.

Thanks everyone for all of your support. You have made me a very happy cow, and I will make sure to keep this blog running because it is one of the things I really enjoy doing in my spare time.

More blogposts coming soon. I’ve recently been helping a friend of mine with revision so haven’t had much time to write on this blog, but will get back to making regular blogposts soon. Also, I will soon make another issue of the Life Of Cowie magazine, because I have received kind comments about it and I have also chosen a winner for the drawing competition. For your chance of winning and being in the next issue, send me your picture of me to



Never did I imagine year 10, the start of our GCSEs, to be so stressful. Second week in, and we have been given piles and piles of homework. IT’S TOO MUCH! Staying up late every night and spending every hour of every day doing work! Urgh!

So, today, I have decided to have a break, go back to the things I love most: blogging, relaxing and having a large cup of tea. (and when I say large, I mean large!)

Hope you guys are well.

Cowie. 🙂