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It would be just my luck to lose my sunglasses in a massive supermarket, after visiting all the aisles, wouldn’t it? Now I have no idea how to find them or where to look to get a replacement! (and they were very cool sunglasses).

The picture above shows the last time I wore them, at the airport a few days back, and I’m really annoyed that I lost them!


Although five years may not seem like an old age, being made of polyester, I have gotten a bit battered over the years. Yesterday I had to have an operation on my thigh. (I was falling apart). Don’t look at the following pictures if you are squeamish:


Over time, the gash in my side had grown and grown…


I’m so glad I had anesthetics.

Sewn up

Now I’m as good as new – sewn up and clean.

I’m looking forward to my holiday in Spain, sitting in the Airport at this moment.

Blog soon,