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Last year when I came to Spain, I spent a long time collecting the ‘Gracias por su visita’ serviettes from restaurants and caf├ęs. This year I came across one and the memories came flooding back. I’ve been keeping an eye out for them, but have only come across two so far ­čśŽ

But at least I’ve found some!!

Thrilling, eh?



Whilst in Spain, I found myself absent-mindedly collecting paper serviettes from cafes and restaurants.


Over the two weeks I spent in Spain, I managed to collect 15 different designs of paper napkins

Lots of serviettes

I am quite glad I collected them, because they’re cool – each similar with the same, “gracias por su visita,” written at the bottom.

As much as I do love a free souvenir, now the big question is where am I going to store them…? ­čśŽ hmmm…