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Recently, I have enjoyed looking at the moon. I have taken pictures when I went camping and this evening in Spain, when the sky looks particularly interesting.

The only problem is that my camera ain’t great, so although it can zoom quite well, the quality isn’t very good.

But I quite like the pictures I have taken.


This one is the one I took when I went camping. I quite liked the position of the moon through the trees, so chose to take a photograph of it.

Then recently in Spain, there have been many clouds in the sky. The moon here is full, which is rather exciting as well.

Cowie πŸ™‚


On Monday, I went to Kew Gardens, and what a wonderful place it was too.


We took a train to get there, which was awfully difficult as there were so many of us! Luckily, we managed to all arrive safely. The only problem we faced was deciding whether or not to wait for one pupil who had not turned up in time. Luckily we didn’t and it turned out that he had gone to school rather than our meeting point, the train station.


I took lots of pictures of plants there, which I could use in my Art GCSE.


I was quite pleased with some of the pictures I took there, although lots of them were blurry (that’s the problem with buying a new camera the day before and not knowing quite how to use it!) 😦


After spending a whole school day there and taking as many photos as possible in that time, we headed back.

My most memorable part of the day was possibly the interesting uniform of a passing primary school – all bright red and blue, with an irritating velvety fabric.Β The colours gave you a headache when they all gathered together – I wasn’t feeling too well, so it didn’t help too much, if you know what I mean.

Obviously the flowers and plants were memorable, but that uniform… 😦 … so in your face!


I’m going to Kew Gardens tomorrow on an Art trip. Can’t wait!

Perhaps I’ll share a few photos with you later (that is, if I have the time – the piles of homework don’t seem to be decreasing much) 😦