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So I haven’t blogged in a while. Yeah, I really need to get the hang of blogging regularly. There is so much I have missed out in the months I haven’t blogged, but I never really feel in the mood to write. However, now I do (HOORAY!) so I should update you as to what I am currently doing.

If you follow me on Twitter (@lifeofcowie) you may know that I am in Spain. If you don’t follow me, you probably won’t know this. Anyway, I arrived on Friday and have had a look around the area. I am in Nerja by Burriana Beach and the weather is fairly pleasant (I find it a bit hot, but I suppose it is nice).


Here is a picture of me looking out from outside the villa I’m staying at. Little streets and roads in Spain always excite me. They’re so different from where I live in the UK and I love the colours of them!

So I’ll fill you in on what I’ve done and seen so far. I’ve wandered around the town center of Nerja – Balcón De Europa, looked at the beach, gone to some Cafés and restaurants, sat by my pool and gone to a few shops. I even came across a shop selling fans – handheld fans, which amused me greatly.

Fan shop
Look at those fans!!

It’s nice to be having a break from school (although I go back in two weeks 😦 )

Bye for now,


WordPress has brought it to my attention that I started this blog just over a year ago, and so I am very happy.

Thanks everyone for all of your support. You have made me a very happy cow, and I will make sure to keep this blog running because it is one of the things I really enjoy doing in my spare time.

More blogposts coming soon. I’ve recently been helping a friend of mine with revision so haven’t had much time to write on this blog, but will get back to making regular blogposts soon. Also, I will soon make another issue of the Life Of Cowie magazine, because I have received kind comments about it and I have also chosen a winner for the drawing competition. For your chance of winning and being in the next issue, send me your picture of me to


People often tell me how delicious Haribos are, and I have to simply take their word for it, because I am a vegetarian and therefore cannot eat sweets containing gelatine. However, in London a few weeks ago, I found some delicious vegetarian (and some even vegan) sweets similar to Haribos, and bought them.


They are shaped like cola bottles, dinosaurs, bears and snakes. And no animals are used in the making of these sweets. How cool!?!  know that other places do vegetarian sweets like these, but these are so cool! I was going to take a picture of me eating them once they were outside of the bag, but I accidentally ate them all (yes, all four packets) 🙂

And they’re also cool because they’re organic. Oh, how I love organic products! I gave someone who likes Haribos one to try, and they said that these are really nice and just like Haribos. So I’ve come to the conclusion that if I ate meat, I’d like Haribos.

More sweets are becoming vegetarian nowadays. Even some Haribos are. I’ll have to try some of them at some point. 😀

Sorry I haven’t blogged in ages. I’m gonna start blogging again for a bit. I just came back from a trip to Turkey, so will do some blog posts about that at some point. I also want to write about MI High. MI High is cool.

Bye, Cowie

Recently, I have been watching the latest series of MI High and am so pleased that it is back on again (I had been missing it since the last series).

MI High is brilliant because of the classic acting – so realistic…
Also, I find it quite exciting when they introduce new characters.

I was looking on the CBBC website, and as someone had asked me where to find some items, I have added links to them.
The MI High ID card can be found here and spy book can be found here. Also, there is an amusing poster. Just look at it! (MI High Poster) I had to print one of these off for myself. It’s just far too amusing.

I remember when I edited the ID card to prove to people that I was an MI High agent. I might redo that at some point. 🙂


Life f Cowie magazine issue 2

Finally I have made the second issue of the Life Of Cowie magazine, which mainly contains recent posts reworded in various places, but I enjoy handing them out to people I know and want to keep my magazines going. It is quite a short issue, containing my recent stories about Three Days Grace, Evanescence and Cabin pressure, and also one of my school teachers and her baby and the winner of the life of Cowie drawing competition.

A link to the magazine is below:

Lifeofcowie magazine 2


I was set a very complicated, time consuming piece of PSHEe homework as part of the ASDAN Qualification. I had to create a magazine, advertise it, raise money to print it and sell a few copies (all in two weeks)

So I chose to make the Life Of Cowie magazine!

The magazine

As I had already designed the front cover from a previous piece of homework, I just changed what the text said and started with the content. Inside the magazine, I wrote about myself, some of the places I’ve gone on holiday, drawing competition, design-me-a-tshirt page and a story about being bullied.

The magazine was surprisingly successful. People came to the school library to get my autograph and people were also very interested in buying a copy or finding out more about me. Of course there were some people who said that I was “weird” and “stupid” but I’m sure that they were just jealous of all the attention I was getting.

Here is the first issue of the first ever Life Of Cowie magazine!

I think I might make another Life Of Cowie magazine, some time soonish

On Monday, I went to Kew Gardens, and what a wonderful place it was too.


We took a train to get there, which was awfully difficult as there were so many of us! Luckily, we managed to all arrive safely. The only problem we faced was deciding whether or not to wait for one pupil who had not turned up in time. Luckily we didn’t and it turned out that he had gone to school rather than our meeting point, the train station.


I took lots of pictures of plants there, which I could use in my Art GCSE.


I was quite pleased with some of the pictures I took there, although lots of them were blurry (that’s the problem with buying a new camera the day before and not knowing quite how to use it!) 😦


After spending a whole school day there and taking as many photos as possible in that time, we headed back.

My most memorable part of the day was possibly the interesting uniform of a passing primary school – all bright red and blue, with an irritating velvety fabric. The colours gave you a headache when they all gathered together – I wasn’t feeling too well, so it didn’t help too much, if you know what I mean.

Obviously the flowers and plants were memorable, but that uniform… 😦 … so in your face!