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Shrove Tuesday is a brilliant day, because people make me pancakes. I know I should be interested in it for religious reasons but they have been forgotten over time by some people and so the day is less meaningful and an opportunity for people (like me) to make and eat loads of pancakes!

Just look at my pancakes! I ate four whole pancakes! And I gave them different toppings – chocolate, strawberry, maple syrup and lemon and sugar. It’s the most fun I’ve had in ages!


I really do look forward to Pancake Day every year, and I’ve chosen to give up chocolate for lent. I hope I don’t forget and accidentally eat some!

I hope you had nice pancakes too!
Cowie 😀


In my spare time, there is nothing I like better than to surf the internet. I was pleasantly surprised when I searched, ‘toy cow‘ into the Google Image search, and whilst scrolling through images, I saw myself! 🙂 That made me very happy.

I know that the order of the images that appear will vary on different devices, but I also went on other computers and iPods, and there I was. There was only the one picture fairly near the top, but y’know, it’s a start, and I’m actually quite proud of it.


Google Image Search

There I am, right at the bottom of this picture (I’ve put a box around it to make it clearer).

Isn’t that thrilling!?!


Now, nothing beats a good bit of Heinz tomato soup.

Heinz tomato soup

Today, I’ve decided to invite my friend over and make soup for us.


However, cooking it was quite difficult – I had to sit on the pan handle in order to stir it.

Soup for two

When it was done, I put it into bowls for me and my friend.


I’m quite pleased with my cooking skills.


And it made the perfect amount for two people



Just finished this blogpost and my soup’s still hot. Here comes my friend. I hope they like soup as much as I do.


Recently, I’ve been going outside and looking closely at footprints in the snow. It’s actually very interesting.


Just look at that – a mix of human, birds and even a pawprint of a dog in there!

Bird footprints

Though the bird ones are my favourite.

Cat pawprints

And I found some cat pawprints.

Cat pawprint

Rather interesting, it it not?

My hoofprints

I looked at what mine looked like, but I’m quite light so my feet didn’t reach the floor and they’re quite difficult to see in this picture. My hoofprints aren’t very interesting, I must admit, because they’re just plain circles. However, they are mine and I find it quite cool, personally.

Cowie 🙂

I love the snow. It’s so… cold!?! That wasn’t a very original way to describe it.

I decided to go outside to get a closer look at it (I usually just look at it from inside the house. I’m not a massive fan of the cold).


Unfortunately it was surprisingly thick and I found myself trapped in the cold, unable to escape – even my coat couldn’t keep me warm.


The snow was c-c-c-cold. Even colder than I’d imagined.


When I finally managed so sit up and free my body from the snow, I was shaking.

Snow angel

I decided to make a snow angel. It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to do.

Snow hat

It didn’t really work and I ended up with some form of a snow-hat.


And for quite a long time after that, even when I’d gone inside and dried off, I had a massive brain-freeze.

That sounded quite negative. Don’t get me wrong. Snow is great fun, but I’ll have to make sure I wrap up warmer if I go out in it again.


Well, this post is very late. It’s one of those ones I keep meaning to write, but never got around to it.

On Monday 29th October, I went into London to lobby MPs with a group of people, because we believe that every school should have a library.


First of all we all met together, introduced ourselves and had a chat.


We held up lots of placards and went around London, handing out fliers. It was good fun.


There were quite a few of us there, and out placards drew quite a lot of attention to us.

Philip ArdaghSarah McIntyreMeg Rosoff

I had a chat with the authors, Philip Ardagh, Sarah McIntyre and Meg Rosoff whilst I was there. Now that is rather cool.


So, after the hours of waiting for my video to upload (well, not really waiting. I sort of forgot that it was uploading) I put it onto YouTube.

I know that it isn’t very good quality, very stable filming or very clear, I still like it because it’s cool knowing I was there, know what I mean? Anyway, Lithium has been one of my favourite songs for quite a long time now, so it’s just a lucky coincidence that it was the one I randomly filmed (although I could probably have said the same about any other Evanescence song if I had filmed it. They’re all cool).

Well, here is my video. I could have attached it to the bottom of my last post, but thought that that one is long enough already and I did really want to do a separate post.