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Shrove Tuesday is a brilliant day, because people make me pancakes. I know I should be interested in it for religious reasons but they have been forgotten over time by some people and so the day is less meaningful and an opportunity for people (like me) to make and eat loads of pancakes!

Just look at my pancakes! I ate four whole pancakes! And I gave them different toppings – chocolate, strawberry, maple syrup and lemon and sugar. It’s the most fun I’ve had in ages!


I really do look forward to Pancake Day every year, and I’ve chosen to give up chocolate for lent. I hope I don’t forget and accidentally eat some!

I hope you had nice pancakes too!
Cowie 😀


Whilst in Spain, one of my favourite places to dine has been the Royal Marrakesch Restaurant I love pancakes (it is a pancake house) and it is a very relaxing place.

Chilling in a tree

What nice, very comfortable, trees they have.

Comfy chairs

And many of their chairs were a fairly good size for me (well, they were good height-wise)


With plenty to climb on,…


…sit on and stand on, it was a jolly good place.

By the pool

They also had a swimming pool, which I enjoyed sitting by.

The Royal Marrakesch

So if you are passing, do stop by at The Royal Marrakesch!