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Today I went to the Cueva de Nerja, which is fairly near where I am staying. The Caves of Nerja stretch for almost 5 kilometres, and the caverns are one of Spain’s major tourist attractions.

A map of the plan of the caves is below, and a link to the website can be found here. (click on the picture for better quality, and the website also includes photos of various areas).

Map of la Cueva de NerjaI had heard about the caves, and thought they sounded interesting, so decided to go with a group of people. They all paid, and I just slipped in with them.

So here I am inside the caves. I know the picture isn’t great, but it said no photography. Now, I don’t know whether it meant no flash photography, because everyone was taking pictures. Anyway, a dark cave with no flash permitted is a bit annoying.

Cueva de Nerja

And here are some of the photos I took. It was a really beautiful place, and if you are passing it, I suggest you have a look around (although alternatively there is a virtual tour on the website, which is really cool).



Here in Spain there is nothing I love more than to come across a good ol’ gecko.

And I did!

This gecko was in a shower. Bless it.

I just had to get a picture with it. So here you have it – me with a gecko. Lovely.


I have previously overcome my fear of swimming in deep water – I used to find it terrifying because a little toy cow like me can easily fill with water, sink and drown. But I, at one point, mastered swimming and feared it no longer. Nevertheless, when I came on this holiday, got into my swimming trunks and went to dive in, I found that my old fears had returned and I didn’t want to touch the water.

I went into town and purchased a lilo, mini swimming pool, armbands and rubber ring. As I returned to the pool, I found that I feared the water less – these would let me float.

Unfortunately, even with the armbands on, I could not bring myself to swim.

Paddling Pool
But I went on the pool in the paddling pool. It felt more secure and floated well on the water. I feel proud of myself for getting so close to the water.

I’ll try again tomorrow to go swimming properly. It’s strange how things like this can change in a year. Last year, I used my inflatable raft but could also swim without it.


WordPress has brought it to my attention that I started this blog just over a year ago, and so I am very happy.

Thanks everyone for all of your support. You have made me a very happy cow, and I will make sure to keep this blog running because it is one of the things I really enjoy doing in my spare time.

More blogposts coming soon. I’ve recently been helping a friend of mine with revision so haven’t had much time to write on this blog, but will get back to making regular blogposts soon. Also, I will soon make another issue of the Life Of Cowie magazine, because I have received kind comments about it and I have also chosen a winner for the drawing competition. For your chance of winning and being in the next issue, send me your picture of me to


Between you and me, I am a secret agent. That means that I get the chance to do things that standard cows would not.

I am an MI High agent. Although I have not been featured in the CBBC television programme, ‘MI High’, I consider myself part of the team. I mean, if I had auditioned for the part, I’m sure I could have been accepted onto the television series.

Quite a while ago, I made myself an MI High ID card. You can download them off the internet, so I’m sure MI High agents must be more common than one would suspect if you can access ID cards this easily.

MI High

To prove to myself that I deserve to be an MI High agent, I chose to dress and act like one for a day. This involved wearing dark clothes so that I was less noticeable and dark sunglasses to protect my identity.

I went around with the intention of helping others and solving crimes, but unfortunately I didn’t come across any crimes, so couldn’t test my abilities to the full.

MI9 Secret Service

But I had quite a lot of fun all the same and think I’ll be an agent more often.

It’s a shame this series of MI High on CBBC has come to an end. I was just getting used to watching them again. They really are so amusing.

Agent Cowie.

In my spare time, there is nothing I like better than to surf the internet. I was pleasantly surprised when I searched, ‘toy cow‘ into the Google Image search, and whilst scrolling through images, I saw myself! 🙂 That made me very happy.

I know that the order of the images that appear will vary on different devices, but I also went on other computers and iPods, and there I was. There was only the one picture fairly near the top, but y’know, it’s a start, and I’m actually quite proud of it.


Google Image Search

There I am, right at the bottom of this picture (I’ve put a box around it to make it clearer).

Isn’t that thrilling!?!


Before I went away to Turkey (the day before I left) I was luckily enough to come along to see The Now Show being recorded at RADA Studios, London. It’s becoming quite a regular thing, going to BBC Radio recordings!

This Recording was for Series 39, Show 7


I was accompanied by some older people (I’m not old enough to go in on my own) and I queued by the door for quite a long time so that I was one of the first people in the room and could therefore get a good seat. I sat right at the front.

Waiting for it to start

Look, there I am, waiting for it to start and getting all excited. 😀

Hugh Dennis and Marcus Brigstocke

I took a few pictures during the recording. The one above is of Hugh Dennis and Marcus Brigstocke.

Hugh Dennis

I’m also quite proud of this picture, because my camera wasn’t focusing very well, but I think this one turned out ok.

Mitch Benn

This is Mitch Benn, playing the guitar and singing 🙂

Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt

Laura Shavin, Jon Holmes and Hugh Dennis.

Although I didn’t get any pictures with them (and I really wish I’d asked whilst I was there) I did get some autographs, which is rather cool.

As I hung around at the end whilst it was being cleared up, I was given Mitch Benn’s script by someone who was working there. Well, it wasn’t me exactly who got it, because technically it was a friend of mine, as I was too small to be noticed, but I share it with them.

I’d originally been given Marcus Brigstocke’s script, but gave it to a mate of mine who likes Marcus Brigstocke. I’m so kind. Also, someone else from our group got Hugh Dennis’ script. How lucky!

Well, I can conclude that that was a brilliant day. BRILLIANT!