Now, nothing beats a good bit of Heinz tomato soup.

Heinz tomato soup

Today, I’ve decided to invite my friend over and make soup for us.


However, cooking it was quite difficult – I had to sit on the pan handle in order to stir it.

Soup for two

When it was done, I put it into bowls for me and my friend.


I’m quite pleased with my cooking skills.


And it made the perfect amount for two people



Just finished this blogpost and my soup’s still hot. Here comes my friend. I hope they like soup as much as I do.


  1. VlarVlar says:

    Sorry for saying this Poppy as I know it’s not true but would somebody who blogs from the perspective of a toy cow actually have any friends? 😉

    • lifeofcowie says:

      Of course. And you’ve made a little mistake there, because it is actually me (Cowie) blogging. Not Poppy.
      But imagine how sad it would be if it wasn’t me blogging and someone was writing for me. Hahaha. I’m a very unique cow – not many others have blogs – and I’m proud of my blog. Both Poppy and I have plenty of friends 😀

      – Cowie

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